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Reasons to Invest In Custom Cabinetry

If you are constructing a new kitchen, or if you are looking to remodel your current kitchen, one of the important decisions you would have to make is the type of cabinetry that you use. Although standard cabinetry that is mass-produced tends to be economical, custom cabinetry, through a place like Kurt Sander Ltd, will afford you a host of benefits that generic cabinetry cannot. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in custom cabinetry for your kitchen.

Custom cabinetry affords you infinite styling options

One of the main differences between standard cabinetry and custom cabinetry is the array of style options that would be available to you. Standard cabinets tend to come in basic designs, glazes and colours. This is an attempt to keep production costs low by churning out as many cabinets as possible at a time. With custom cabinetry, more attention is paid to how the cabinets are finished. For instance, you can opt for hand distressing on your custom cabinetry, which enables the manufacturer to achieve a myriad of looks on your cabinets. Additionally, you can opt for custom colours by mixing different types of paints, hence ensuring that your cabinetry is unique.

Custom cabinetry affords you size flexibility

Another of the differences between standard cabinetry and custom cabinetry is their size flexibility. Typically, with standard cabinets, you would have to measure the cabinets beforehand and ensure that you make space for them in your kitchen when remodeling the room. With custom cabinetry, you have the flexibility of having your cabinets made to fit your individual needs. This not only ensures that you get cabinetry that will fit the space available, but it also gives you the chance to make the most of any dead spaces in the kitchen. For instance, if there is an area that is blank, but too small to fit a full size cabinet, you can have a custom cabinet made to perfectly fit that space thus providing you with additional storage.

Custom cabinetry affords your artistry in your kitchen

Although woodwork is a craft, it can also be an art form. With custom cabinetry, you have the flexibility of making your cabinets centrepieces in your kitchen. This is done by opting for beautiful handcrafted designs on the cabinet doors that will work toward enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Not only does this contribute to the overall interior design of your home, but it can also increase the resale value of the residence. 

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Reasons to Invest In Custom Cabinetry
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If you are constructing a new kitchen, or if you a